How to Starve Cancer by Jane McClelland


This amazing new book by Jane McClelland will revolutionize cancer treatment. A stage IV cancer survivor of 20 years, she has made a road map which shows how to starve and kill cancers of many types. Stage IV cancer is seen as incurable by traditional medical oncologists. I believe that Stage IV cancer will not be incurable once more oncologists take this on board. (Some already have.)

Because she has such an engaging style and the subject matter was so exciting I read it in three days. It is a must read for anyone with cancer or anyone supporting someone with cancer.

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Jane McClelland has given the world of cancer sufferers a really mighty weapon with her book, How to Starve Cancer… without starving yourself.

After being mishandled and fobbed off by the National Health Service (in Britain) for over a year after abnormal pap smears she eventually went to a private clinic and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Stage 4 is considered terminal by traditional medical oncologists. As Jane puts it “there is no Stage 5”. With a scientific background as a physiotherapist and showing the ingenuity of a seasoned sailor, she did not take this diagnosis lying down.

She devised a very well researched combination of:

  • A cancer starving diet
  • Cheap out of patent off label drugs (with much less severe side effects than chemotherapy)
  • Supplements
  • Exercise at the right times
  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • Chemotherapy

to defeat her cancer. Using her protocols should mean that the amount of chemotherapy that is given can be reduced. She even went on to cure herself of leukemia brought on by her original chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy drugs target fast-dividing cells but the “cancer stem cells are resistant to conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatment and cancer stem cells are very likely to be the origin of cancer metastasis.”1 Jane has provided a map showing how to block the main metabolic pathways that feed cancer, attacking cancer on all its fronts including cancer stem cells. While cancers can mutate in thousands of ways the number of pathways that feed them (metabolic pathways) is much more limited.

Care Oncology has set up a clinic in London and now the USA, using many of her ideas.

There is not one ‘cure’ for cancer but many cures. I believe Jane has provided the basis for them.

1. See article on Cancer Stem Cells. (Source: The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, accessed March 2019 )


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