By the hour

$66 per hour

  • New smaller websites usually cost from $2200 to $3500
  • Hosting for smaller WordPress websites is $330 per year. *
  • Domain registration is $33 per year

* Annual hosting fee includes SSL certificate ♥ ♥

  • Am very willing to talk about collaboration on new projects or to make existing ones more successful
  • Will work for a percentage if the product and partner is a good match
  • Get in touch and see if we can work something out
Web Hosting

Some hosting plans offer unlimited space or bandwidth but lack in performance and service. Our plans offer good support and performance which costs more therefore they are NOT unlimited but usually more than adequate for a small business website.

Annual small WordPress Web Hosting Plan includes:

  • Up to 5 email accounts (extra email accounts $11 per annum each)
  • Fast reliable Australian servers with good support
  • 2GB web space (including email space) (extra space can be quoted)
  • 40GB data transfer per month
  • FREE Domain validated SSL certificate
  • 2 free software upgrades per year*
  • $330 per annum

*Karen Lily will perform software upgrades twice per year or more often. Upgrading is necessary to ensure website compatibility with new devices and for security. After upgrade, Karen Lily will test the main functionalities of your website and main layouts using Google Chrome on PC with Microsoft Windows, and on Safari with a smaller iOS device. Extra testing can be offered at the standard hourly rate applicable at the time.

Upgrading WordPress itself, the theme and the various plugins associated with a website, can result in incompatibility between these pieces of software, i.e. bugs. Fixing problems resulting from upgrade is not free and will be charged at the standard hourly rate applicable at that time.

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