How to Starve Cancer by Jane McClelland

How to Starve Cancer without starving yourself by Jane McClelland

How to Starve Cancer without starving yourself

This amazing new book by Jane McClelland will revolutionize cancer treatment. A stage IV cancer survivor of 20 years, she has made a road map which shows how to starve and kill cancers of many types.

There is not one ‘cure’ for cancer but many cures. I believe Jane has provided the basis for them.

Chemo and Complementary Therapy


My experience with cancer


Being diagnosed with cancer is a harrowing experience for most people. It’s probably the disease we dread most. Once a diagnosis takes place a ‘roller coaster’ of medical appointments, test, results and treatment takes over one’s life.

These articles have information on the drawn out diagnosis, how I made the most important decisions on therapy with the help of the surgeon, oncologists and my own painstaking research.

Education can increase control of your destiny.

Vitamin Inspector on quality

What supplement quality is, how it is measured and how to find quality vitamins.

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Theracurmin improves memory

A well designed study with an advanced form of curcumin shows memory improvements for older adults. Plaque in the brain, associated with dementia shown to decrease!

Supplement Comparison

My experience with integrative and complementary therapy for cancer  led me to creating a piece of software that compares the nutrients in multi-vitamins.

Read the Vitamin Inspector Story

Popular multi-vitamin comparisons

Now Food vs Centrum

Difference between Now Foods and Centrum

Thorne Research vs Centrum

Compare Thorne Research Basic Nutrients to Centrum Adults

Centrum Silver vs Centrum Adults

Compare Centrum Silver Adults to Centrum Adults

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